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I've also found if you cover an engine it can sweat and that can be worse than leaving it outside. My PAZZIE on the saw bench gets nothing from one year to the next and that's fine.

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Originally Posted by Appletop View Post
I just stop mine and drain the water.
Me too, I do a few rallies during Winter anyway so as long as the pumps are drained I just leave them. If only the original owners were as considerate eh?

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A top tip for those who have any bright work/ polished copper pipework and you don't want it to tarnish - go inside and steal the other halfs hairspray - it works a treat in keeping bright work bright over a season and especially good over winter.... just don't tell the Mrs what you're doing... or get caught sneaking it out of the house like I did...

Worth making sure all surfaces are clean and dry and don't overspray - it doesn't stay tacky at all and gives a good clear coat which can be removed or left as you see fit...easy to polish over as well.

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Hairspray seems to have a lot of uses (beside hair), I used it to stick ballast on my model railway layouts

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Hairspray also works as a fixer over chalk markings,kids chalk drawings,chalkboard notices etc.

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