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That wouldn't have happened in my father's day, as he knew just how far some of our Scottish exhibitors had to travel. But today is different and in some cases a yellow jacket can go to some peoples heads.

aere refrigeratum
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Bulldog engines
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Yes Phillip you're quite correct on both counts, I spoke to one of the ex-stewards and to say I was shocked that how he was treated after many years of service would be an understatement, but well it's over to the new guard now and that's how they run things.
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I have met precisely one engine steward (that I know of) in around 20 outings.
All rallies have been well run, with the exception of the one with a steward.

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Originally Posted by air-cooled View Post
That wouldn't have happened in my father's day, as he knew just how far some of our Scottish exhibitors had to travel. But today is different and in some cases a yellow jacket can go to some peoples heads.

I've found the same with site security at the car companies I've worked for, give some of them a peaked cap and the are "the law", once had one stop a sparky because he had forgotten his car pass so had to park a 15 minute walk away, once the sparky had got in he pulled the fuses supplying the guards hut and as it was the depths of winter he soon froze once his heater went off

If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's an electrical problem.
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Originally Posted by Bulldog engines View Post
How can an engine steward be so crass as to say to a potential exhibitor if you are not going to be a regular " I can't let you in" ? Obviously he's one of the yellow coat gang that has ideas way above his station and enjoys the authority that he has. Any show that I go to have to stay on site or face at least a 1 to 2 hour each way drive, but that's just part of exhibiting if you don't want to do it, stay at home.
As far as the 1000 engine having an all exhibits and exhibitors welcome, I beg to disagree on that one Phillip, after exhibiting there for 23 years only missing it twice I was told on the Sunday afternoon of the 2014 event that I would not be welcome back in future years as I was packing up around 2PM as I usually did with the intention of leaving the site by 3PM to allow for the 8 1/2 hour drive home to be at work on the Monday morning, we never had a problem in doing this as we were escorted by marshals out the back way away from the majority of the public, after a conversation with the yellow jacketed person I was told that as I had signed a form I had entered a binding agreement to stay on the line until 5PM and I couldn't load my exhibits with a winch until the last member of the public had left the field. I put forward what had been done in previous years under the supervision of the stewards to be told that I didn't know what I was speaking about and he would personally see that I didn't exhibit there in the future, so guess what..............yes I now stay at home and save a 17hour round trip and around 150 of diesel and not forgetting the 2 days wages I loose out on for taking time off work, so it was a win win for me and the savings go towards visiting friendly shows in the USA, where I'm certain Peter will agree with are easier, turn up with your exhibits and your good to go. Across the pond the exhibitors and stewards alike laugh there heads off when you explain that you need to pre book to exhibit in the U.K. and some shows only let in certain types of engines. So all in all we are the laughing stock of the hobby here in the U.K.
Maybe it's time to just let all my engines sit in the shed and gather dust as my forays south of the border are getting much less, as I certainly can't agree to be a regular exhibitor at any of the shows due to the distance involved.
I hope you will at least give some of the engines a dust off an a ride down to Yorkshire for Newby Hall. Your always welcome there Craig.
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