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Default Left or right rotation

Hi there seems to be a bit of confusion on whether an engine serial NO: with a R or Z in the code means the engine rotates one way or the other. Please correct me if i am wrong, but wouldn't the starting handle & what it fits onto be the best clue as the handle will only crank one way or another as in the handles below "far left & right" are different. The one in the middle look like it would hurt.

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One in the middle is the gear selector off a Stuart Turner marine engine.
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The one in the middle looks very much like a Stuart Turner one for the marine engines, these have a one way clutch so can't kick back, lever also doubles up for forward reverse shift lever (on some engines).

Many starting handle are as you say, one way only, but a lot of these will fit either side of the crank, so only work on one side for correct rotation. Then there are many handles with an engagement dog that can simply be turned to reverse the direction of operation.

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It also depends on the engine having the correct starter dog pinned onto the camshaft, if at all. A lot of engines were rebuilt over the years, and there are a lot of bitsa's around, including those with a wrong crankcase door with an incorrect spec plate. If the dog is missing either rotation of handle will work to turn the engine. The best way to check is to go back to first principles, and look at the valve timing and see that everything happens in the correct sequence. On a Lister D, the carburettor and exhaust are swapped on reverse rotation engines, though watch out for a DK spec with a paraffin vaporiser as they are already swapped.

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Thanks for the info, its all helping this newbie :)
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Get some photos up and let's have a look....

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