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Looks impressive!
Petter A, Wolseley AC, war finish lister d, 1927 shafty lister d, 1952 lister d,1959 lister d, 1946 Jap compressor set,1943 Ruston 9PB, 1941 atco mower, 1955 fordson major E1A.
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As does the JPS Europa in the background!

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Originally Posted by GreyFergy101 View Post
Hi Paul, yes I'm still around. I deleted the YouTube channel, despite this my collection and obsession continues to grow. Currently rather short on time to indulge in the hobby! How are you getting on?
G'day Josh, good to hear you are still collecting. Shame you deleted your youtube channel, you had some good videos. I am also hanging in there, picking up the odd engine and machine here and there. I, like you, am very short on time to do any work on my engines. After three girls we finally had a boy a few months back and all my time is spent at work or with the kids. My garage has been taken over by scooters and bikes and hoola hoops so I need a bigger shed! Actually looking at moving to a bigger property in the next year or two, just got to find one near by. I still haven't quite made it to facebook yet but everything I look up now seems to require it so I may have to go there eventually. Other than that it is just same old same old. And I keep looking out for a lister X over this way but even after two positive leads I am yet to actually turn one up. The hunt goes on.....
A howard man mainly but some listers, petters and villers amongst others have sneaked in.
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