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malcolm Tierney
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I bought a third carburettor and fitted it with a new inlet valve and spring. I also used the valve seat from one of the old carburettors as the one present was corrode and badly pitted. I turned the engine over and it started first time. the exhaust was a bit black so I adjusted the needle a little under the normal setting and the exhaust ran clean. I then shut it down which happened a lot faster than last time. It has not started since though. I checked the plug. It was clean and sparking. When I shut the engine down it was barely warm.
Why if the plug is clean would I be unable to re-start a nearly cold engine?

I think that I have a special bad voodoo for internal combustion engines.

Perhaps I should tinker with the timing next especially as it did back fire once or twice. This would indicate ignition too late would it not?

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Sounds like a magneto problem.
You say you have a spark when testing the plug but is the spark strong enough when under compression? Before altering thee timing I would check the magneto, is the condenser an old one or has it already been replaced, (usually done with a more modern car condenser that will fit in the space).
Both coil and condenser can be checked using a meter, I know there are other threads on here giving the values you should expect from them or someone else reading this thread may know.
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