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the fools paradise
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I'm glad I've read this.
Reminds me to have my CO2 one in the shed filled.
Came in very usefull (minus horn) to chill a stubbon key enough to get it out!

In the mid staffs area, North Staffs Fire Extiguishers in Milton do good deals on new ones and will service at sensible prices.
Will also refill CO2 bottles (as long as in safe condition/test) for a very reasonable price.
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Originally Posted by listerdiesel View Post
Yes Peter, Manganese is magnesium along wilth magnesium alloys etc

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Thanks for the reminder. I think it is something I will buy soon, if not to put out my engine, then to help someone else.

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Off topic but still on a fire theme, SMOKE ALARMS a good time to think about them if you havnt already got them installed, we think of them for the home but what about your sheds and very importantly your caravans and camper vans when off on a rally or tiki tour. They will not save your property but!!!! will save your life. The NZFS (New Zealand Fire Service) recomends photo-electric types as more sensitive than the ionisation types. But any type is better than none

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Another thing is a CO alarm, legal requirement for ANY solid fuel appliance in a building and a good idea to have where your boiler is as well.

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We had a forklift catch fire when i was at work. (The electric motor underneath) I put it out with a powder extinguisher. When i stood up there was a "dense fog" on the other side from which staggered a very surprised bloke. "I was walking along & suddenly all the world went white" he said.
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Just to add a bit of info, if you carry a dry powder extinguisher in the car, van, trailer etc. vibration can cause the powder to settle and pack down quite firm so when you come to use it, only a small amount of powder may be discharged as the pressure can't get the powder to "flow". I did many years as a rally rescue/recovery operator and once parked up would slowly invert the dry powder extinguishers a few times until I could hear the powder sliding inside.

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wolseley phill
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Thanks for the tip, I carry two powder extinguishers in my Land Rover. One in the front and one inside the back door.

Will have to try as you say and see what I can hear!

I used to carry a small CO2 extinguisher in the cab but that went off of it's own accord, which wasn't very funny at the time...

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