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Default YES working :-)

Originally Posted by fozzer View Post
Working now.
Yes now its working, thank you very much.
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k gardner
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Thumbs up rallys?

Originally Posted by dgosden View Post
I am appealing to all rally organisers and enthusiasts who publish rally notices here to include full details of the event.

David G
hi i cant get the any information from the calender it would be easier to put rallys in order ie jan feb march etc with location and date phone number and address of contact for entry forms..can you help as i would like to stay out on the rd this year doing rallys all the best kenny
i have had better my engines

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What were you looking for Kenny?

The calendar function is part of the Forum software, and 'may' have been affected by the recent software glitch.

Most of the ones that I clicked on gave details or links to shows etc.

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Calendar works fine for me.
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Can I just confirm that this is a sticky thread to a calendar that no longer has any events?

Been checking the past few weeks I thought there was one last year
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The calendar only shows events if forum members put them into it. The calendar isn't really the most user-friendly feature of the software, and it has gradually fallen out of use.

If you'd like to start things off, by all means fill in the details of all the shows you are aware of.

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Default hi

to be honest i use to put a lot of rallies on the calender and got fd up with putting them in every year but it doesn't really that much to do if we all put one even in each it would be full in no time. is offline   Reply With Quote
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I did not use it last year actually thinking about it. The year before hand however I was on it every few days checking so it would be helpful. I would have no idea where to look for events to add them to the calendar
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