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On a traction engine iv helped with occasionally they used WD40 to clean the paintwork, we normally just use diesel for the paintwork, actually, we seem to use diesel for most things!
Cheers, Chris
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Originally Posted by derek_patterson View Post
Thanks for the tip Engine Junkie, sure beats having to trim a block of wood to fit the bore and then sledge a piston out.

Although in saying that I left diesel in the bores of my E27N for over a year and nothing even seeped through. That was a job for the big persuader and although the bores weren't actually too bad as it turned out, it was the white metal bearings falling out in my hand which presented the biggest problem

Engine oil heated on the stove is as good as anything, it has the advantage of the heat expanding things and the oil getting into the er "expanded areas"

Originally Posted by novo View Post
Now if only someone would invent spray on white metal bearings.--anyone?
I think its feasible, though you'd be busy scraping for a while if I was operating the gun...........

Matel spray exists, so I would think white metal spray is simple enough to do, relatively speaking.

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I remember having this penetrating oil that was in a yellow and black can, a mate got hold of a car load of the stuff from a skip site he worked at, from memory it had been banned or something, it was great stuff and was good for starting engines on too, wish I could get some more of that stuff
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