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Default Forum Running Costs & Charging For Access

Copied to the 'Announcements' Section.

Heads-up everyone, this applies to you all!

Since I took over the reins of the Forum from Fozzer, we have seen a huge increase in the membership of the forum, not particularly through anything that I did, but organic growth has been steady year on year, mainly through the foundations that Fozzer laid when he started it up.

We will soon be at 4000 registered members and 700+ active members.

The cost of running the forum has been borne my myself and my family, and will continue for the forseeable future, but we are intending to introduce a few new features and controls so that we can limit the bandwidth that the Forum uses and gets charged for, and bring in a voluntary donation scheme so that members can become 'Forum Supporters'.

Our present hosting package is exceeding its limits by over 100% regularly, and we are getting supplementary charges on top of the basic hosting package.

Note that this is for 'Bandwidth' not for the actual storage space on the server.

In the next week or so, a 'Forum Supporter' scheme will be introduced to allow members to donate towards the costs of running the forum, and they will be identified by a new and different title block, and also there will be a new Forum group created that will be exclusively for those members.

I don't want to introduce a general charge if I can help it, but we are approaching something like 60gb bandwidth on peak occasions against an agreed limit of 20gb, so you can see where the money goes.

There will be a restriction placed on image viewing. Non-members will not be able to view images online through the forum. On average, we have twice as many guests looking in and downloading images as we do registered members, and this is adding to the problem.

Older posts in some sections will be deleted, particularly in the For Sale and Wanted sections. Some sections in the Non-Engine part of the Forum are under review as well, more news on that to follow.

The Admin Team are discussing this at present and will post again when we have things set up.

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