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Default Moderated Images and Threads/Posts

Just a quick note for anyone who has posted a thread but hasn't seen an attachment come up:

All hosted images are moderated, mainly for size as much as anything else, we don't place any restrictions on what you can post or the numbers of images.

If you post an image link to another hosting site then generally it doesn't need to be moderated and will go through straight away.

If I am online and see anything waiting to be approved, I do it immediately, I don't leave anything for later, I clear the Admin screen of tasks at each visit.

If you post just after I have been online, then you'll have to wait for the next time, and obviously if I am out somewhere on a trip then it can be a few hours or overnight before I am back on again.

I'm sorry if this causes any issues, I can't have my nose to the Forum Admin screen all day, I have a job like most of you and cannot do it, but on average I am logged in 12-14 times a day, which suffices for most tasks.

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