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Default Tangyes engine

I had a play with a metal detector some time ago. The one I used could not detect the nails in the floorboards of my house nor find a decent sized bolt on my drive. I am keen to learn about really good detectors and what specifies whether they are good or not if someone can help please?
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Originally Posted by oldengine View Post
Strewth! Have you any pictures or literature showing or explaining the engine indicator. I have seen them used on ship engines but never considered it for Tangyes however they do quote indicated horsepower...... I just never connected the dots! Thank you Dan.

Most early oil engines were equiped to take an indicator. It would probably only have been fitted once, either in the factory or when the engine was established in its place of work, to ensure that it was igniting and combusting correctly. I think it's unlikely that the engine owner/operator would have had an indicator - they were expensive and it was a (now virtually lost) art to operate and interpret the diagram.

There are some pictures of indicators HERE on my Loughborough thread.

There are lots of books available from the period, that describe how the indicator works - you can find digitised versions online with a bit of searching. A good little book (very rare) was written by John Okill, called something like; "On Indicators..." If you have advanced mathmatics skills then go ahead and study the operation - otherwise I would settle for aiming to get your engine complete!

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Default Update on Tangye engine

The previous owner of my Pinkneys patent Tangye engine number 1557 had the hot bulb for it but had been unable to find it until recently. I was really excited about the find but had to wait several weeks before I had a plausible reason to travel to his area to collect it...... grandchildren had a touch rugby tournament there...... perfect! It was a long two weeks wait sort of like when you are six or seven it takes a birthday about three years to come around again!
After watching the touch for an hour I was allowed to escape to get my treasures. The man passed me the bronze hot bulb and then the inlet valve! then the collet nut and then the inlet valve housing/ mixer which is bronze too All parts have my engine number on them. I was only expecting the hot bulb! Merry Christmas to me.
This has helped enormously with the Tangye
Thank you Bruce

The jubilant Trev!
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