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Default New Toy

Does this count or will I be banned as it's "hot fog"

Wilesco D3CR by Robert Starr, on Flickr

Surprise present from Mrs Robo, I had a couple as a kid that my uncle built, this will give me something to play with when inclement weather (nothing else at present) stops me getting out to play with the real engines.

If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's an electrical problem.
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Nice one Mrs Robo!
When I was clearing my dad's house after he died I found a little Mamod that I was given as a kid.
Straight to the shed for fettling. Half hours restoration and happy memories.
Regards Paul

Tha can alus tell a Yorkshireman - but tha can't tell him much.
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Nowt wrong wi' hot fog....

I had a Meccano MEC1 when I was a kid....dunno what happened to it....

But I bought another to play with...subsequently sold due to movng house, but I still have a Mamod engine that the kids bought me for a Father's day prezzie...
It needs a refurb, summat to do and keep me busy out the pub....
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