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The wild eye
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Default Cracks in Bakelite fittings

An old trick taught to me many years ago by a very clever AA man .

When you are faced with a crack in your distributor cap ( this case a lister hovis mag top ) you can seal the crack using Nail varnish from your lady friends handbag .

Any colour will do but I just happened to find some black while rummaging around in Angelas hand bag

The varnish is painted on thickly enough to fill the crack and thus seal it from the ingress of moisture .

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Handy little tip there,

But I prefer red myself

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Very good tip will use time !!!
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That is a very good thing to know. Black nailpolish? Go on be honest, it's your isn't it?
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Default My crack habit.

If the break still seems clean, I have several times resorted to Super Glue. When the first application is hard dry, you can run another bead along it to fill any small openings. Allow drying time and repeat as needed. In a day or 2 you can carefully scrape or sand away any surplus. Works for me so far. Combustor.
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Nail varnish in mid brunswick green perhaps !
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Used the same trick on a defunct rotor arm off a SCAMMELL EXPLORER many years ago at SELLINDGE RALLY
This kiddies Explorer had packed up through lack of sparks, found the points sparking away so worked back to the resistor in the rotor arm. Just dug it out, stuffed a bit of copper wire in the hole it left and sealed it over with nail varnish.
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I think the moral should be
never question the value of the contents of the guvnor's handbag
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