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Originally Posted by Old Lister D View Post
Taken the piston out and found it to have two rings per groove, is this because it is a Kerosene engine ?

Never seen one quite like this !!
I doubt that it being a kerosene engine has much to do with it. I expect that it has been re-rung at some point, and the original width rings were unavailable but two thinner ones fitted the grooves. It could also be that the ring grooves have been opened out to square up any wear. How do the rings look in the bore? What is the gap like?

Twin rings per groove will work just fine - that is how "Clupet" rings work.

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Often find two rings per groove, Cox and Turner once supplied me with two rings per groove plus a spacer for a Crossley 1040 I rebuilt for a friend as they hadn't the correct size in stock. Less chance of ring blow-by with that set up as well, and as Dan said Clupet rings do exactly the same job.

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My Luffy has 2 per groove from new.

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I have fitted two rings per groove several times. My Lister R has three Caterpillar D8 rings in each groove. you do get great compression.

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