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Default New Winter Project

Bamford No 1C Corn Mill

Been stored inside for many years. It turns over freely, I'll just need to sort out the broken leg, other than that just a light clean up at first and make sure it works.

After that it's the thorny issue of whether to paint or not to paint, as with my Lister D I like the fresh 'from the factory' look but the 'oily rag' finish also looks good on some equipment. Opinions on this issue welcomed.

I think it would have been clothed in a light blue colour when new, does anyone know the actual shade of blue that Bamfords used?

I've been told it was manufactured in 1900 but the early ones I've seen all have a wooden hopper, this one has a thin steel plate one, maybe it's a later replacement.

It stands about 5' tall and weighs a bl***y ton!!!

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Lovely machinery, I owned a similar one until I got fed up with moving it so it got sold

Martin P
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Personally I think if you plan to drive it with a "factory finish" engine, it would look odd if not painted to the same standard?.

On the upside, at least you will be able to wear your Windy Miller outfit when showing it

Windy Miller by Robert Starr, on Flickr

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If you discover that it was light blue, then it would have been highlighted in a darker blue (something like royal blue). I had a Bamford K2 mill many years ago. We painted this light blue and the wording and raised cast edges in royal blue, It looked a real treat when completed.

aere refrigeratum
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Nice hopper here:

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Originally Posted by K_N_S_JENNINGS View Post
A cheaper one here:

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You got me thinking that I should slip over to my other hobby and start making wooden hoppers
Regards Paul

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