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wolseley phill
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Originally Posted by martinpaff View Post
It looks very nice Phil - you've made a lot of effort there. If I may, I have a couple of thoughts and I hope you'll accept them as "constructive"...

1. The long timbers are too thin. They will do the job just fine, but if they get any sideways force, like a bump when loading or moving about, then they will split up the center through the screw holes - you will need to be careful.

2. The pieces of studding holding the wheel blocks on are UGLY! They spoil the effect of the very nice trolley. They need to be replaced with some black bolts, with the heads at the top and the nuts underneath. Perfectly serviceable, but ruining the effect.

3. When you prepare your pieces of timber, it pays to "break" the sharp edges. Just sand a small radius onto each corner. It makes the timber much less vulnerable to damage, and it also looks "finished" - it's difficult to describe why, it just does.

Keep doing the good work - each one is an improvement on the last (mine certainly are!) - the important thing is to learn as you go along.

Well done, Martin.

I finally got around to cutting the studs down now and that is a real improvement. I also spent some time taking the shine off the nasty modern zinc plated nuts which hold the wheels on.

I heated them up with the blow torch and then quenched the nuts and washers in oil. This leaves a great matt finish which looks a lot better. I may try and get some proper bolts to hold the wheels on soon, but that's fairly low on the shopping list at the moment....


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