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Originally Posted by martinpaff View Post
Thanks Chaps.

I really do understand the "space" issue, and I don't have unlimited space, which is why I have had to make room for this.

On the other hand... ...if you have a single garage then you have more than enough space for an oil engine.

TBH, it's much more about transport than storage. This thing weighs about 1.5 tons; my lightest oil engine is the little Crossley JJ, and I'll bet there's still at least 1/2 ton, probably more. You have to be able to move it around at home, load it onto your trailer, tow it (legally, preferably!), and show it. For those who like to turn up at rallies with a giant caravan plus all accessories, this is most inconvenient!

...and then there's operating the thing. If you are accustomed to a Lister/Petter/Wolseley, then it's quite a leap to hot bulb engines. You can't just fuel it, start it, and walk away - they require babysitting. It is not rocket science, but they are a bit more tricky than the average spark ignition engine. I had to learn the hard way, and I'm definitely no expert even now.

Finally, there's showing the thing - you have to do it for your own pleasure! As has been said on here a number of times before, the vast majority of shows are not interested in the amount of trouble involved in bringing a big old lump; you get the same thanks and commemorative mug as you would if you had taken your Wolseley WD2! This is the (at least one) reason why the bigger and more exotic engines appear less frequently than they used to - and I completely understand. There will (no doubt) come a time when I can't be bothered to haul heavy stuff, and then I will be showing a little Appletop everywhere...

Martin, that is a really informative post for me.

There are bound to be others like myself who had not heard the term "Stationary Engine" until a couple of years ago (I had seen them at shows for a few years before that) who would appreciate that sort of information.

Would it be worth putting a modified version in the FAQ section?, it may help folks new to the hobby when deciding what to buy knowing what's involved with the various types and sizes available.

You may laugh, but when I first started looking for an engine I didn't realise a Villiers Mk10 could be carried by hand and transported in a car boot , I thought all engines needed wheeled trolleys and trailers to transport them.

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Originally Posted by Robotstar5 View Post
Martin, that is a really informative post for me.

Same here Stuart, Martin puts it across far better then I could have done I'm afraid.
I'm going to have to rethink where I go with engines, probably this year
I have no storage at home at all, moving home is not happening either, sadly.
I rely on my rented storage unit for all things engine, and on my little van to move them about. I'm all out of space, actually I should have stopped buying while back, as now I cant get in the unit to work without getting engines etc out, which make working on them weather dependant. A change of vehicle is on the cards for one reason or another as well. Unless something very unexpected happens I could well find my self with no option but to show engines I can pick up and put in the back of a hatchback


PS: Sorry for dragging it off topic Martin, but your post has set the wheels into motion.
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