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Originally Posted by pulsechoes View Post
My Z2 was a very similar "lump" to Your SD1. The trolley it came on was probably original, certainly looked like it with the rear axle cast brackets and the steering axle pivot assembly. That was channel iron on edge with wood above. I thought that it didn't look or feel right with the steering axle under the engine so I turned it round and shortened it a bit, then it was far better.

My "Oil Engine Manual" says that the SD1 weighs 1090lbs (494.4 kg), The SD2 weighs 1170lbs (530.7kg) and the SD3 weighs 1275 lbs (578.3kg).

Hi Charles,

The axles under your Z2 were Petter ones, from a 3-5hp trolley. the steering axle and handle was the giveaway.

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Originally Posted by daisy View Post
Picked up this morning without a hitch ,been a while waiting for it but very pleased, all there apart from the silencer ( has anyone got one) lovely nick and covered in nice thick layer of oily gunge . Might have to re think the trolley idea as has cross member timbers which I never saw when looked at it ages ago. It is an sd1 but they are lumps.
Is that the Australian variant?
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