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Default Wisconsin range - Parts and service manauls link

Hello Good people,

After a lot of searching on the forum - and finding some links are broken I can happily point you towards a NEW link for Wisconsin engine parts catalogues - the full range is available - as far as I can see - at least until 1935 as well as other useful docs for repair tolerances, drawings, manuals and sales brochures etc.

Not sure how this relates to the time Lister had a part to play in manufacturing under licence (or importing and rebadging - not sure here) but the small AHH I was looking for is listed and provides a darn good manual - bless the manufacturer!


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They are very good manuals as they contain magneto and carb information as well as comprehensive rebuilding instructions and parts lists. I got mine direct from the States for the AK I had, and could have sold it several times over at rallies as Lister AB owners wanted to buy it! When I sold the engine the manual went with it though.

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