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An update, boiling in diesel, sounds exciting so I thought I'd have a go, now what to boil it in? First thing that came to hand was saucepan, good, now for the diesel, siphoned a bit out of the tank. Got all the ingredients and ready to cook.

Changed me mind at the last minute about doing it on the stove indoors, retreived an old camping stove from the yard, gas bottle from the calor heater, bit of impromptu gas plumbing and half an hour later we're cooking.

Anyone have any idea as to what temperature diesel boils at? I don't, so using an oven mit to hold the con rod pull the piston out now again and tap it with a handy bit of wood, see if anything frees up. It was while I'm concentrating on this that a hail shower materialises out of nowhere, with no warning, nothing...

Another question, what do you think the effect of a handfull of icy hail does when it lands in a pan of super hot diesel? Don't tell me, I know now...

So after the fire brigade left (called by a concerned neighbour), I set about looking for the piston, found it tramped into the soft muddy ground about 10 foot from where I'd been cooking, didn't realize quite how far it had gone when I jumped. gave it a good rinse in a puddle left by the fire brigade but the rings are still well stuck.

I'm going to try a propane torch on it next, but for now have to try and clear the wreckage in the yard, and think of how I'm going to explain the mess etc to my significant other....
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Cold water in hot fuel is not a good idea, you could have a nasty experia, hang on
You already know this don't you

Anyway, glad you and the piston survived, fit to fight another day.

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Personally I very rarely re-use rings so would just snap them out, clean the grooves up and fit some new ones. Most small aircooled engines running at fairly high rpm for a few years will have worn rings anyway. Oh and I would advise checking both your house and life insurance as well!

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Well at least you were outside, my neighbour decided to burn his Christmas wrapping paper in his garage (attached to his house) and needed a visit from Dennis....

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If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's an electrical problem.
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Okay then, had some time to have another go at the rings, piston in vice, blowlamp, plenty of heat, tap tap tap with a handy piece of wood, let it cool down, bit of white spirit as lubricant, and some picking at the ring ends, levering them up a bit. Started a little movement, and a few minutes of patient pressing in and out gradually got them free without breaking. So one more little problem overcome, on to the next!

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