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Not sure that there is a law attached to that problem, Martin. I think it's just for the comfort of the driver, not having blazing red lights bouncing off the front of Your caravan!! I had a "discussion" with a Plod once on the subject of number plates on towing vehicles. (I had taken the rear number plate off my van and put it on the trailer). He thought it was illegal, but conceded when I reminded him that the towing vehicle and trailer are technically "one vehicle" and as long as there are working lights at both ends (and in some cases along each side) and number plates at both ends then You're OK, as long as You remember to put everything back when You unhitch and make sure that Your lights are all OK.

Not all lighting sockets are fitted with the switch in question, are they?? None of mine are, anyway.
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I could buy a standard socket but there is another switch in the socket which I havent got a clue what it does other than tell the van a trailer is in tow or part of the light failure circuit, all part of the vans Cambus system.

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Originally Posted by miley_bob View Post
35 pages that's not much for a EEC regulation. Some of the type approval documents we deal with extend into the hundreds of pages.

I cant complain too much though. It keeps me in a job and helps to pay the mortgage and it pays for my collection of engines
Another one that'll be signing on after Article 51 is signed! It's being so cheerful that keeps me going!
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