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Default Trailer lights

Trailer lights ......can anyone please give me a sketch or diagram of the wiring using a 7 pin plug and two led tail ,stop and indicator lights .....I'm getting both tail lights flashing when i flick the indicators?
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This is the (now obsolescent) standard used in the UK;

Not sure if it's the same in Aus...

Obviously the wiring into the light units will depend on the units, but it really should be self-evident once you've carried an earth to all fittings.

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Check the earth circuit before anything else, the indicators are earthing through the lights.
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Hello all
Martin, here in the best place on earth, we use a lot of 7 pin flat plugs. Something I have not quite worked out is the purpose/pin numbering sequence are not he same between the 6 pin and 7 pin plugs/sockets. Very confusing. Luckily the colours mean the same thing.
Anyways, as said, check your earth first up. Don't rely on the earth gained when trailer is on the car. Make sure the white wire in the socket has a good earth to the car and the white wire in the plug goes to the lights. Never rely on the trailer hook up for earth.
Below is the different plugs used in Australia.

Cheers Scott
PS: if you want to reduce the rusting of a steel trailer, make sure the earths for the lights are not connected to the trailer itself. As soon as a current is introduced, rust is expediated.

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Obsolete ? The old 7 pin one was OK until they kept adding lights and other features so we added another socket - Simple ! Our european friends always do things differently to us, partly out of principle and also maybe due to differing requirements. You only have to look at things around the world regarding mains power plugs. Governments or groups of countries decide they will create their own markets to protect their own industries. It would be interesting to see just how many different trailer plug designs there are around the world.

Check your earthing first. This is a classic fault.
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