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I have a tool box which was an apprentice piece. Very nice bit of kit. When I was a first year apprentice, I made several pokers with fancy handles made from all colours of fibre washers, maybe a bit advanced and outdated but still worth a thought. Little coal shovels were popular too.
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I have been making knobs on the lathe, knurled and all shapes and sizes. Very therapeutic and lots of simple steps, so require some planning. Or how about a brass salt shaker if you have a lathe ? I am planning a heavy duty threaded one.

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Originally Posted by pulsechoes View Post
I have a tool box which was an apprentice piece..
I made a toolbox with tools (centre punch, scribe and screwdriver) in School, wasn't a bad project but don't know what happened to them...
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Originally Posted by Georgineer View Post
How about something really basic, like a traditional shape junior hacksaw. It was the first thing I made as an apprentice, took less than an afternoon, and I still use it 49 years later.

Ours were made from a drawing, but if you have one for him to copy there are all sorts of skills to be learned, and he can use the existing one to cut the end slots for the blade. Then he'll have something he can actually use, and is a suitable size for small hands.

Good call George. Love it
Regards Paul

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Many thanks for those suggestons! (Not a spell error).

The letter between 'h' & 'j' ees not work on my keyboard!

Cheers, Tony.
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Originally Posted by Kleftiwallah View Post

The letter between 'h' & 'j' ees not work on my keyboard!

Cheers, Tony.
There is no letter between the keyboards h & j, they are next to each other

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You could use that keyboard for composing pangrammatic lipograms (called by some lipogrammatic pangrams), a subdivision of oulipu...

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