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Default Lister AC1 fuel pump help

I have a lister AC1 series 2 generator which would not start. I found the problem appeared to be a weak fuel pump, fuel was coming out of the pump but when I hooked up the injector outside the engine it wasn't getting any spray at all. Stripped and checked the injector wasn't blocked and was found to be clear.
So I bought a new fuel pump and installed it with the same timing shims from the old pump. Hooked up the injector outside the engine again and hey presto!! Perfect 4 way spray from the injector.
Only problem is when I put the system back together properly the engine doesn't even sound like it's close to firing. I've taken off the air intake and the compression feels good against my hand.
Am I wrong to think all pumps are the same or will I need to retime the engine with the new pump by adding or removing shims?? Is there an easy or 'oldtimery' way for me to do this in my shed

Thanks in advance for any help
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Hi Mark,

you'll probably at least need to verify the timing to ensure the new pump wasn't built with a thicker flange etc.

you can check the timing very crudely by putting everything back together, thoroughly bleeding the system, then cranking the engine over slowly, touch the top of the injector, and feel for a "creaking" which is the spring inside lifting with the peak pressure, this is the injection point. just to reiterate, that is with the injector in the engine, and just feeling the top nut on it.

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