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Default Is an Amal 124/107 carb suitable?

I have a BSA 320cc engine which i need a load of parts for. As I understand it needs either an Amal 124 type or Solex 26FHD carb.

An Amal 124/107 carb has come up at a reasonable price, will this be suitable?

Thanks in advance
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I've sourced an Amal 124/066 carb now, it arrived today. It is as described, in well-worn condition but seems complete.

Tonight I took to stripping it down as much as I could to clean it up. Here is what I started with:

As you can see, the air filter is very rusty. The carb has no governor or throttle butterfly from what I can see, so is the throttle controlled by the amount of air that the filter lets through? It seems to have 2 layers of 'sails' which rotate around the centre pin, this is wide open, but it seems to be able to be rotated closed if it wasn't rusted up. I gently levered the two layers apart with a knife and gave it lots of penetrating oil.

Next up, I was left with this:

I undid and copper greased the screw in the manifold side jubilee clip which came away easily. This is the view down the carb barrel, showing the brass jet. Note the screw in the bottom left of the picture

I carefully removed this, making sure the tiny spring was safe and gave the thread a clean up with carb cleaner and then a tiny dab of copper grease.

This then went back together easily. I gave the other fixtures a good seeing to with penetrating oil, as none of them seemed inclined to undo with spanners and I don't want to force them. I'll re-soak them for a few days then will resort to heating them up to undo them. I think it will need the seals replacing but we'll see.

Does anyone know how the governing works with one of these please? I was expecting a butterfly valve like a mower engine but it doesn't seem to have one. I had a google and it suggests the fuel metering is controlled under the cap of the fuel-bowl-side of things, but this is currently seized solid. Hopefully the addition of penetrating oil and potentially fire will help.

I'll also need to make up an adaptor for the manifold in due course, as the manifold is designed for a Solex 26FHD carb. It shouldn't be too hard to make something from 5mm steel plate and 1" diameter tubing brazed together.
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