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Lister M
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Default Oakley Bring and Buy


I've been building the brownie points like they are going out of fashion today, I've been collecting anything Lister stuff for years and have finally run out of space so my trailer is full ready to take to Oakley this weekend, anybody else going this Saturday.

Martin P
Lister optimum melius quam ceteri, quid tibi pro vita.
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steve h
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i will be attending Martin,look forward to rooting through your odds and ends.
See you there
Steve H
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Hornet 6
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I'll be there all being well.

Wolseley WD 8, Stuart Turner P5, Maytag 92, Maytag 72. Lister LT1.
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Me an' all.

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Yep, I will be going too. I've got a pulley and a governor to deliver.

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I'll be there aswell !
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Default Oakley..

Will be there, lets hope for some dry weather....
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wolseley phill
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Yup, should be there. Anyone got a Record No.4 vice complete with soft jaws they would like to sell me whilst there? (EDIT, now sorted - thanks!)


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Yes, still on schedule but have car this time due to family reunion on the same day in Bucks, so don't bring any desirable big engines---pleaseeeeeeeeee.
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We shall be there as normal with a stall
Restoring Engines
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