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Originally Posted by lister123 View Post
ITS ALIVE, ITS ALIVE, ITS ALIVE!!! well over a few hours trying all the things that everyone has suggested and i've finally got it running and staying running!! think the problem could be that the fuel pump isn't pumping enough fuel up to the carb when it's running because it seems to be leaking from around the plunger and when i keep the fuel pot topped up from a small petrol can it keeps running, is there ment to be a gland of some sort in the fuel pump to make a tight seal? I think i read some where about them drying up over time!! But at the moment its running and i coudn't be happier, cheers everyone.
Well done, I can not remember off hand how it comes apart (maybe the plunger just pulls out the body) but if I remember correctly yes there should be some gland around the pump plunger, I just used small string, there is also oil holes around the top to help keep it moist.

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