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And anything that needs more than a minute to read people just dont bother or just read a few lines,pictures or old type posters are a good way of getting peoples attention as well..
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Ahh! I see where you are coming from now with this.

Nice board Jules, very well thought out and clear to the eye.

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Originally Posted by martinpaff View Post
When I used to run the engine line at the RAF Waddington Air Show, I had some signs that were attached to the fences that described in the most general terms what stationary engines are (were?). I can't remember the text now, but I talked about the lack of a National Grid, and the need to power machines, pumps, generators, etc.

The signs were read by more visitors than I ever expected, and having read them people would then come and show an interest in the engines themselves. I think the info gave them a little "context". That's probably the busiest engine line I have ever participated in, with a constant flow of visitors.

Thanks for that Martin.A couple of ideas there
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That is a cracking display board Jules, and as you say, something to attract most people.

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Originally Posted by biggusdannus View Post
No they weren't.
The point I was trying to get across was if the members of public that don't know what these engines were for or even what they run on (they don't run on steam for example)
The steam ones do.
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Originally Posted by novo View Post
I was thinking today (derisory comments on a postcard please:crazy:) It occured to me, how little, many of the paying public know about engines & things mechanical. This was brought home to me by a neighbour who had been to her first (& probably last) rally. On the subject of engines she said "A lot of old men sitting behind engines. What's all that about??") Add to this some of the questions i've been asked at rallies in the last year of two, & I wonder if some sort of more basic information is required. I'm thinking a "What is a stationary engine" sheet with what they are. Questions & answers. What they run on,e.g. perol,paraffin,diesel,steam. What they were (and are) used for, e.g. where an electric motor would be used now etc. I would like comments & suggestions as to things i might include. What do you think guys???
Note quite relevant to your question -
My 6 y/o godson (Thomas) & family were visiting my 5 y/o grandson (Finlay) and family, plus us grandparents.As we were on a working farm, the subject of tractors got raised which led to traction engines being mentioned. "What is a traction engine?" asked Thomas. I felt very proud as Finlay explained, not only what a traction engine was, but how a steam engine works, and how pairs of traction engines were used to plough the fields, before tractors.
It's a matter of appropriate education (and the made-up stories that grandad tells him!)
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Originally Posted by 'A' Lister View Post
I think Novo has raised a good point here, and I've rambled on a bit in the past on this forum about how I think we should be actively 'selling' our hobby to the general public. In my view, a nicely presented engine is only part of the 'exhibit' at a show or rally. I think a nice information board telling the paying public a little bit about the engine, its history, its restoration, and what it was originally used for is a small but essential part of our rally display.

There's no need to write pages of info... little and good is best. Just a few sentences and a couple of photos are all it really needs. So keep it simple, interesting and easy to read. Here's the info board for my Lister A (it still needs a couple of minor tweaks). To give an idea of scale it's about 3 feet (1m) long and the main info panel is printed on A3 size paper, have a look and see what you think:

Now try and look at it through the eyes of someone who doesn't know the first thing about engines... It mentions the War (a lot of people are interested in that), it has some old photos and adverts around it (people like a bit of nostalgia, otherwise they probably wouldn't be at a vintage rally or country show)... and it's easy and quite quick to read.

So, the person reading it might not be all that interested in old engines, but might be 'drawn in' by the photo, or by the old adverts, or they might just like reading about history. In any case, I think it looks a bit better than a single sheet of A4 paper with 'make, model, HP, date and owner's name' written on it in magic marker. But that's just my opinion, so what's yours?
Thats I nice piece of work you've done there & certainly makes the public more interested in your exhibit.

I'm going to be putting on an interesting display at Newby Hall this year & am having to do quite a lot of research to find the information that I require for this project, but should hopefully be worth the effort.

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Den Pike
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I agree I also have given the same information to the punters, when questioned, at many rally's.
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Maybe just a personal thing but I always include my name and where I'm from on my info boards to give punters something else to discuss.
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