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Definitely going then - I need to have a long hard think about B&S 'lifeboat' set.

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Originally Posted by nickh View Post
Definitely going then - I need to have a long hard think about B&S 'lifeboat' set.

Well Nick if it isn't being shown at rallies etc then it might as well go. Says me with a whole load of stuff that hasn't seen daylight for ages or still requires finishing off!

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Finally got chance to have a look at the Wico A. Unfortunately the ignition condenser I ordered is too big for the mag so it's lashed up externally having removed a points cover clip to allow me to screw it into its mounting hole for earthing.

Spun the mag over by hand - the spark seemed bigger so went for broke & put it on the engine. Filled the carb, fitted the plug and pulled it over with the rope - it started first pull taking me completely by surprise .

Clearly although the condenser looked ok on a meter there was enough leakage to suppress the spark under compression.

I have another condenser on order, hopefully this one will fit inside the mag!

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Oh....deep joy, glad you got it running....
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