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Originally Posted by air-cooled View Post
Yes, the current was measured with an in circuit test meter. We also calculated that your coil resistance must be a lot lower than ours, which is why we asked.

I've been out playing with the clocks, which gave me an opportunity to take some measurements. The rheostat is set at 32 Ohms, the supply is providing 14.0V, and the circuit is drawing 190mA, so...

R=V/I = 14.0/0.19 = 74 Ohms.

Take away 32 Ohms Rheostat = 42 Ohms

Take away the measured (and marked) 4 Ohms slave coil = 38 Ohms.

I would guess that if my Master coils were marked they would be 20 Ohms each; 40 Ohms total.

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