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Default Help - Fridge Burner Woe

With our first rally in 3 days time, the fridge burner on our motor home has given up the ghost. We had a gas check done, and the fridge burner failed. The local motor home place who did the gas check say it "needs a new burner, and they are no longer available, sir".

To save us from warm milk, does anyone know somewhere who could fix this for us ? I'll have a go at most things, but i wont touch gas. Knowing the vast ingenuity and knowledge on this site, someone may have encountered this problem before. A new fridge is 700, so that ain't gonna happen.

I realise this is not stationary engine related, but there is a tenuous link, as we will be using the motor home for rallying. It's a 1990 Mercedes Hymer S550.


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