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robert's rust
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Default Mounting bolts and tank fittings

Hi, new to stationary engines but have added a lister cs (CS56022) to my collection of things mechanical, agricultural and rusty!
I bought the engine as a runner but I am yet to turn it over with any vigour has I have just put my shoulder out, anyway it creaks and puffs out smoke when turned over fairly quickly, anyway to keep me going I have been building a trolley to which my first question, the mounting holes on the cs base appear to be approx 13.5mm, 9/16" is a bit tight and 1/2" is sloppy, can anyone help in the correct size of mounting bolts,
The second question, I have got a selection of possible cooling tanks, a butane cylinder, a heavy duty "plastic" acid tank, an oil drum and a stainless steel beer keg all have a capacity ranging from 50 litres to 60 litres my preference is to use the stainless beer keg as it addresses any future rust issues, and what I need to know is..are outlet flanges with a fixed pipe available anywhere and if not what kind of fittings are normally used for the tank and where can these be found,
If I have posted this thread in the wrong section I am sorry but I expect to find my way around the forum asap


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Lister M
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Re Fixings, there are those that frown on metric fixings and modern manufactured BSF/Whitworth but I would use whatever you want or have, the hole in the base of the engine will be imperial and when originally installed there would be a little amount of slack between the hole and fixing to allow for adjustment.
Re tanks, unless you intend to make the engine work hard in your ownership I would suggest a lot smaller tank as the engine will cope happily with approx 20 - 30 litres and lugging 60 litres of water from the tap to the engine, water supplies are not always close by, will become a chore.

Re tank furniture, again there are those that will give you stick for using brass and copper fittings and will say you should use black iron, I find copper pipe easier to work so tend to use it with brass fittings, a good plumbing supplier will stock everything you need.

Martin P
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We use Metric most of the time, except for cases where an Imperial size is correct.

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