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BTW, My mother still has dad's old Stema hanging about. Needs a bit of TLC - broken hinge on tail gate, could do with new lights etc etc but anyone who is familiar with these trailers (East German) will know that they are really solid jobs and worth the effort.

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I have a trailer I was given by a neighbor and the floor is rotten. Grass and weeds growing out of the wood. Needs everything replacing and some welding doing. Think it's ripe for the scrap heap. Never attempted to put a engine in because I think we all know what the outcome would be, not sure what DSVA would say about a mobile garden centre. ������

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2 wheeled braked trailer from a firm in Corby .I m thinking of one for a 500kg steam engine.gets in my 750 kg gross limit for a fiat panda.I ll try to find firms name-think there are 2
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