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Default Lister D Type Owners Register

Over 250,000 of these reliable workhorses were made. Has someone created a register of the known survivors because I'm interested in creating a database of serial numbers which are known to survive.

Archivist for The Unofficial Lister D Type Owners Register
1945 Lister D Type 1 1/2 HP(26DH196040), 1942 Briggs & Stratton Model I (63981), Villiers C12 Gen Set (257351), Climax Water Pump.
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Tim ,I will send you my details Lister D sits very lonely in the shed ,so damm reliable that it is so uninteresting ........I must give it an airing at a show .
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Default Lister D's.

Here's the list of the ones I've owned in the past. I think that they are all "still alive":-
1. 97117. 1930.
2. 149305. 1939.
3. 150581. 1939.
4. 161085. 1940.
5. 161785. 1940.
6. 1/6400. 1946.
7. 1/6913. 1946.
8. 1/10211. 1947.
9. 1/25360. 1949.
10. 1/50072. 1950.
11. 1/53938. 1950.
12. 1/57579. 1950.
13. 3172. 1953.
14. 3769. 1954.

Hope You have more luck than my attempt with another "marque"!!!

PS. I think I have photo's of them all if You would like them too. I could put them in an "Album" for You.
Numquam illegitimo carborundum. 1918 Renfrew 1.5hp;C.1919 1.5hp Simplicity; 1938 Lister D. 1.9hp; undated 1.5hp Lauson Frost King. 1933 Quentin C1.
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Secret Anorak
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Good Idea Timothy! I'll give you mine if you decide to go ahead with it.
Join my Secret Anorak Workshop page here
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Ok - I'm going to ask the question that others are thinking...


What's the point? What do you hope to achieve? What are you going to do with the information?

This forum has a good membership, but less than 1 in 25 of our hobby belong to this forum, so with 100% participation you are going to capture a fraction of the Lister D-types.

David Edgington, who manages the Lister archive of engine build records, already notes each serial number when an owner asks for dating information, and is better placed than anybody else to tell how many are in preservation - and I doubt he has heard from half the engines that exist!

So - if you really need something to fill your spare time; go for it! If, on the other hand, you think you are going to create a register of engines, forget it...

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Someone tried this in SE magazine a few years ago and it fell on stony ground, as do most surveys of this type it appears?

For what it's worth I currently have-

88582 - 1929

97413 - 1930

124439 - 1936

I know of at least ten more that are lying where they last worked locally but the owner will not part with the remains.

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Originally Posted by timothygstokes View Post
Over 250,000 of these reliable workhorses were made. Has someone created a register of the known survivors because I'm interested in creating a database of serial numbers which are known to survive.

Hi Timothy,

I am not aware of a registry existing for the Lister D, but it's a good idea. I bet we would all be amazed at how many have survived into retirement.

My 2hp Lister D was the first engine I restored (with my father when I was just 13 years old!) - that was in 1994!

Details: 2hp Lister D, serial number is 132618, spec 18D2H

DWE has confirmed the engine was originally sold on 22 March 1937 to Drake & Fletcher, and formed part of a D&F pumpset (pump no. 61468, plant number 8859).

Best of luck with pulling a register together - it should certainly keep you busy for a long while
1922 5hp Stockport Ruston IP, 1923 Little Pet, 1929 Gardner 4VT, 1933 Ruston 6PB, 1937 Lister D, 1939 Ruston PT
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raggy 1
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I have access to several D types.Hope you go ahead
with the register.
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Sound like a good idea I got 2 D types. I have always wondered how many of the 250,000 Lister D Types are still exists.
here are the specs of our Lister D's

1.5HP @ 700RPM
spec 28DH
Engine Number 1/65959
year 1951
1.5HP @ 800RPM
spec DKH
Engine Number 647DKH4
year 1954
Too many engines to list
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My favorite D type that I have owned for years.....3597dh3 1953 ( no name recorded in sales ledger- thought to be a factory cash sale) and my next project 1/59715.
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