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Lister M
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Default We've just got a very special D going and I'm really chuffed


I may have told you this and I apologise if I have but in the last year a neighbour friend of mine has lost both of his legs to vascular dementia, until about three months ago he was in a very very dark place particularly as he has worked on the land, run his own mini digger business and restored tractors, now he is stuck in a wheel chair or his mobility scooter and cant drive.
I managed to get him interested in Stationary engines and as a Lister man I've converted him to the best engine ever built and we have bought a couple of D's one of which is on an original base with a H2 pump, We took the pump set apart and we've, sorry he, has where possible stripped, cleaned and replace parts as required. I found that the only way he can get over his mental issues was to tell him what to do and then stand back to watch him do it, another couple of friends and I, one being Exgreeney, have run power from his main shed to his small shed, built benches at a lower height so that he can work from his mobility scooter, any way after several weeks of referbishment and a few issues, one being a duff magneto we finally got the engine running today and after some adjustments it runs a treat but the best bit was the big grin that appeared on his face when it fired, he no longer feels useless.
Last week we belted the engine up to another D to try to get it going but we had difficulties getting the tension in the drive belt so I had this idea of tying the running D to his scooter and had him reverse slowly to apply the tension to the belt, any way the engine wouldn't run so i tidied up and said I was off for my dinner, I had hardly got out of the shed when he called me back, would you mind removing the rope from my scooter, I would like to go home also
Today I took the H2 down off the racking for him to strip and expect to see a pile of bits for inspection very soon and I now have a friend who has now come out of his depression.

Martin P
Lister optimum melius quam ceteri, quid tibi pro vita.

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Well done to you both.Two very proud enginemen.

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Hornet 6
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Excellent Martin, always nice to help those who need it, nicer still to make it possible for them to help themselves


PS: One day you will own Wolseley WD, and then you will have the best engine
Wolseley WD 8, Stuart Turner P5, Maytag 92, Maytag 72. Lister LT1.
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Admin Team
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Good for you, well done!

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Sounds like you pulled him back and gave him something to aim for in life - well done.

If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's an electrical problem.
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Some heart warming news for a change, well done sir.
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Engine therapy - I like it!

Must say that I find that time spent in the workshop does indeed sooth the troubled soul, the difficult bit is finding the motivation to get out there in the first place if you are feeling low, which I guess is where one needs kind souls such as yourself Martin.

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Lovely stuff Martin, well done.
The Wizard from The Lizard
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Well done to both of you what a great story thanks for sharing it
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