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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Hello all.
Was it original for Lister to paint the magneto and carbi, and by the looks, the muffler?
It looks to me as the muffler is a bit of 1 1/2" pipe with a flange and a bit of threaded pipe welded to the bottom.
But what would I know? I'm only a simple colonial.
I suppose the muffler could be used to warm the kero up.

Cheers Scott
Ps: I do like the gen set though. What a corker
Underneath the horrid blue paint is the original green. The set was installed into the Priestman bros factory in 1951 and was left in situ until September last year when it and its twin were removed. The exhaust is about 3ft long. It then went back to 1" pipe which went up through the roof.

Apart from the horrid blue paint that everything in the room was covered in the set has been pretty much untouched since installation. Its only ever done a few hours running as the fuel tanks are still shiny inside and have no sign of having held much fuel. This was confirmed by the chap who's job it was at priestmans to maintain the 2 sets.
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Default Lister D Exhaust Survey. Valve Guides!

Hi all,
Thank you all for your wide and varied comments on the Lister D exhaust survey. It turned out unexpectedly to be a wealth of information. I should have told you during my original post that the D I have is 1956. This according to Mr Mc Grath's information would mean that as my engine is post 1952 it would have been fitted with a narrow exhaust and not the deep type.

That said I like the deep exhaust but to keep the engine as original as I can it will indeed be fitted with a new narrow exhaust. The current exhaust was fabricated and directs to the side of the engine.

A quick question. I have to replace the valve guides and valves as a push rod got bent. Can the old guides press out or do they need a little heat?

Thanks all again for the exhaust info and photos. Brian.
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Originally Posted by Red Devil View Post

A quick question. I have to replace the valve guides and valves as a push rod got bent. Can the old guides press out or do they need a little heat?

I assume the push rod got bent due to turning the engine over with a seized valve? So long as you get the valve out and it is not badly worn there should be no reason to change it. Push rods are soft enough to straighten on an anvil with a copper hammer.

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