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Default Lister LR1 Rebuild

I am rebuilding a Lister LR1. Anyone have any hints/tips on how to install the main bearing shells? They are quite tight. I know for certain bearings that freezing can help?
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Easiest way is to find someone with the insertion/extraction tool, probably like looking for 'hens teeth'!
Last ones I did was by filing a very small chamfer on the shells and housing and scribing two lines on the outside of the keyed shell to align the keying tag. Hold shells together with a jubilee clip, align the scribe lines with the housing/crankcase keyway and press in squarely. The clip can be removed once properly started.
If you have access to a lathe, turn a stepped mandrel with stub that fits the bearing bore, if it can be bored (as item 7) a bit of stud bar can be used instead of a press.
Old shells can be pressed or punched out.

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