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Default Hello from County Galway

Twenty years working on the farm might just qualify me as sufficiently insane. Retirement is not an option so I spend lots of time in the workshop, making big bits of metal into smaller bits. Sometimes I join small bits of metal to make bigger bits. Once in a while I write about the things I do and put it on my website.

There are quite a few stationary engines here, though nothing particularly classic. My 13.5 Litre V8 aircooled Deutz from a standby generator might qualify. My son overhauled it about 10 years ago. It makes a heck of a noise, but needs a couple of injectors, so it is a genuine "Stationary engine". My real interest is setting up a biofuel powerplant. Steam looks favourite, though there are plenty of IC options. With luck it might lead to a saleable product. Not that I could ever compete with the big boys, but it's nice to dream. I'd be interested in hearing from others with similar fanciful interests.
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If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's an electrical problem.

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Thanks Stuart.

It's going to take me a while to find my way around the forum. I've been involved with computers for longer than I care to think my learning curve should be faster.

Every encouragement helps.

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Hi and welcome. Not been on this forum long having moved when the one I was on shut down. Happily I'm now retired after 30 years in IT
Regards Paul

Tha can alus tell a Yorkshireman - but tha can't tell him much.
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Hello and welcome Jim, the idea of biofuel for power is appealing, if I ever get the time I have a Lister B I would like to convert to producer gas, probably from a wood fueled producer, waste heat from the cooling jacket could be put into a hot water cylinder for domestic hot water supply, don't know whether to go with a single phase alternator, or DC dynamo/storage batteries/inverter.

Best of luck with your project, what is your website address, would be interesting to have a look at!

BB, Matt

P.S. with luck, I will be moving from Sussex to Co. Mayo in the next few weeks...
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sounds very interesting and i would love to be informed of your findings, etc..
Im also in galway.
Best of luck,
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Welcome to the Forum - I'm glad to hear there are other people who can turn perfectly good metal into objects only they know the use of :)

ideas on bio fuel, turbines, energy of any kind really are all welcome here. I'm looking for that house with a stream big enough to take a turbine...


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Default welcome

welcome from wexford great help here
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