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Seen more than enough juggling chickens this year already Rob, and Novo's dancing one! Never mind, our parrot will be with us so Mrs W will have to talk to that.

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Originally Posted by listerdiesel View Post
Could we do away with the expletives, please? I'm sure you wouldn't use them at home in front of the kids, and no need for them here.

Well said - some forum members may well be 'Dads and Lads'.
I get mine out of my system in the shed when the spanner slips off that rounded nut or when I drop that difficult to source tiny throttle spring under the bench
Regards Paul

Tha can alus tell a Yorkshireman - but tha can't tell him much.
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Dispite all the rain this week the orchard is still reasonably firm under foot so with a little luck and maybe an "Indian summer" it should be OK on the 21st!

Potest non melior Petter. milia passuum melius quam Lister
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