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Looks like I was steeling myself to leave the shade and put some more oil in it. Because of the heat, the oil ran through the wicks like water, should have brought some thicker stuff.

1929 Ruston-Hornsby 6 AP, 1925 Ruston-Hornsby 5 IP, 50/75V DC General Electric Dynamo.
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mervyn cloake
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Thanks for the photos Dan.
There were a lot of good engines there.
The Blackstone, was that as small as it looked in the photo?
One of the Hornsby's had an unusual governor like I have never seen before.

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Every bit as small as it looks Merv - you could cover it with a shoe box!

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Sitting here thinking; shoebox sized Blackstone - what, where? Then I noticed the 'load more pictures' button. .... Of all the things I've lost, it's my marbles I miss the most!

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Thanks for the photos Dan. I'm doubly sad that I couldn't attend.

Does anybody know who owns the Austin lighting set on the right of one of the photos? I'm in (very) slow negotiations to acquire the mortal remains of one of these, and would love to see a live one.

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The Austin Light sets are owned by Dennis & Chris Barnes.
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