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Lister M
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Totally agree, a thin smear of grease is all it needs, maybe wrap some cling film around the greased area to stop you rubbing it off onto your jeans.

Martin P
Lister optimum melius quam ceteri, quid tibi pro vita.
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Originally Posted by Listermaniac View Post
When your sitting on the sofa beisde your engines, that's when you know its turned into an obsession!!
Or your'e single, my wife just said (yes dear).
Growing old is mandatory,Growing up is optional
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When i used to bring parts into the house the wife would say its like being in a workshop! cheek of it there were enough animals around to start a zoo! no sheep though which i thought odd as she's from Suffolk, ooh arr sounds like Baaa
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At the min i have my two lister B flywheels behind the sofa and my dads almost finished lister D on the rug infront of the fire !
Steve :)
1949 Lister B. 1941 Bamford EV3.
1941 + 1949 lister d. Sectioned lister d.
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