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Tony Shaw
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Default Cast Aluminium Cleaning

Morning all, does anyone have any ideas on getting cast aluminium really clean and back to "as new" condition. One of my engines is looking dull and have tried carb cleaner,petrol, brasso etc etc but without any joy. Cheers Tony
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Hi Tony

I've found simpler things like wire brushes and cup brushes work well, they seem to create a nice shine, but also dig the rubbish out of little casting pores, and pitting, so the surface isnt always flat, but at least its shiny

Paul Sterling A Stationary Engine Obsessionist
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Admin Team
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Hi Tony

If you really want it to look "new" as opposed to "polished", then the only real solution is vapour bead blasting. Obviously this involves a complete strip.

You might find these pages interesting...

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Default cast aluminium cleaning

I find a hand wire brush used with WD40 at the same time brings it up like new
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Brillo pads.
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This will sound stupid but use Cif (jif) white. It gets anything off ali but you have to use the white one dont bother with the yellow lemon rubbish.

Lister D 1931 13D, Lister F 105/14RR, Stuart Turner P5M A, Unknown Small Vertical Engine, Lister LD1 Diesel.
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could try sllybang stuff used on brass but not ally so try it on a bit of scrap if you haver a bit.

Shaking my head like a madman .
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Bolton & Paul
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I usually use a light coating of dulux silver sheen aluminium paint, if the casting has a rough finish just put a tiny amount on the brush and brush it in well. Don't put it on heavy like normal paint and not many people will be able to tell the difference.

Regards Michael.
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Default Polishing aluminium.

I've always found "Solvol Autosol" and wire wool the best for cleaning aluminium, especially when there is an uneven surface or pitting,it levels it all out and leaves a super shine. Try it!!
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Guys, oven-cleaner is nasty stuff and it gets rid of most of the "nasty stuff" on alu. I've used the aerosol cans, but recently got a supplier that sells it in liquid form and I use a brush. (Be aware that it eats cheap paint brushes for breakfast, so wash them right away with water!)

If the alu in pitted and scratched, I use a wet sand blasting attachment on my high pressure water cleaner, using fine sea-sand.
It almost polishes the alu and by making all of the surface looking the same, the scratches are "hidden"

Anyway, here is a picture of an engine that was in a concrete mixer for years and the alu was cleaned with this method (Click on the Lister LR1 album):

Just my 2cents,
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