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Default Dating a late model Lister B


Hello all

I have a Lister B which I can't date. The Spec is blank and against the Number it has 256 B H2. It has 5 as the HP and 650 rpm - hence I assume its a B.

On the face of the Flywheel it just repeats the above 256 B H2. There are no other numbers on the machine but it is presumably a late model based on David Eddington's pics and the post 1952 dating system.

Any clues? Can send pics


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Its a 1952 model. You ad the 2 to 1950 the get the year.
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256 B H2

256 is the serial number, probably January

B is the engine type

H is hopper cooled

2 is the production year, add to 1952 as Andrew says.

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