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robert's rust
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Default tank hole cutter

I have my Lister cs running like a dream and now I need to make a proper tank set up for the trolley I have made, the tank I have holds 60 litres and held oil originally but as I need to cut two 42mm holes in the side of it for the hose fittings I would be grateful for any advice on the best way to cut the holes, I have access to hole saws and I have an old eclipse tank cutter (hand brace type), I saw no problem until I started to get the scare stories about the holes not turning out round when trying to work on a curved surface,
any advice and all advice will be helpful

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Hole saw on low speed and take your time or get a cone drill thing and use that. I use good quality hole saws for anything I need to drill.

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Hornet 6
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Hole saws here as well, but your right the bigger the hole and the smaller the diameter of the tank the further out of round the hole will look. If you want it to be an exact fit then draw and cut out a circle the size you want, stick it to the tank and use a slightly smaller hole saw, once drilled file to shape and size.

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Cone cutter every time. I have done what you are proposing many times in round cooling tanks. The cutter requires lubrication (WD40 is fine) and it requires torque - you need a fairly powerful drill running slow-ish.

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Lister M
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Use thread cutting compound as lubricant as it will stay stuck to the hole saw and if you use a cone cutter, stepped or plain put some tape around the cutter at the size you want as it is easy to drill to big.

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I chain drill the hole and then use a rotary file!

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