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Originally Posted by Gleniffer View Post
I've heard them called drive screws - like a nail with a very coarse thread.

They are F hard.

Removal techniques as above.
Nope! R&H used (as previously explained above) brass rivets, with a slight taper, that are hammered into plain holes - no thread, no peen, etc. The earlier engines had the (often cast) plates attached with screws, but these are obvious.

If you can get behind the casing, as in the BPR, then it should be possible to drive them out from the other side. If you can't, as in my AP, then removing the head is the easiest option, but only if you can make replacement rivets as I did. The holes are already 1/4" diameter, and to tap them out and fit screws will involve ridiculously large fasteners that will look quite wrong.

If you can drive or pry out the existing rivets it is perfectly feasible to reuse them.

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