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There is life!!

Had the set running for about 15 mins last night having replaced the capacitor! Lucien, many thanks for your help!

Now moving on to the relay coil... I'm going to speak to a guy at work who has had motors etc re-wound before and the look in to getting the coil re-wound.

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Lucien Nunes
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Regarding rewinding the coil of LC, as it is for fairly high voltage DC it will have many turns of fine wire. However, if you can discover exactly what gauge the wire is, by pulling up an outer turn, it is not terribly difficult to rewind. You don't have to count the turns, which is a good thing as is it is probably vacuum-impregnated with varnish and will be impossible to unwind. If you can confirm the resistance of someone else's example, put on more than is required, i.e. by filling the bobbin beyond where the old winding came to, then unwind until you have the correct resistance. You can also corroborate the correct amount of wire by weight, comparing the old winding after cutting it off, with the amount of wire required to achieve the desired resistance. A good soak in Glyptal insulating varnish will protect it reasonably well, in place of vac impregnation.

Before stripping the existing winding, take a careful look at the ends, especially where the wire enters the bobbin. Failures often occur at or near the ends because that is where the wire is stressed, and where soldering flux may have attacked it. I have repaired many seemingly open-circuit coils without rewinding, by picking up the stub left after corrosion had eaten through the exposed tail.
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Hi Lucien,

Many thanks for your response.

I'm looking on the internet to find someone with the same generator set and LC coil and contact them to measure theirs......

I will measure the gauge of wire, and yes, very thin, almost hair like.

I did go about looking at the terminals to see if I could take one wind out and resolder it up, however looking closer some of the varnish has come away and overall isn't looking great.

Measuring the mass of wire taken off is a good idea, though I reckon I'll be doing this as a last resort for trying to resurrect the coil and moving on to an alternative method
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