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Everything that you see in my picture are SP parts, just the same as Dan's picture from the net, which is the same set but newer. They show up regularly on eBay, but not cheap! The 1500 Series set that I have is about 1200 (I didn't pay anywhere near that, I promise!)

You should be safe warming the pulley, provided you do it slowly and evenly, heating the whole thing. This takes time and people usually end up getting impatient - it will probably take at least half an hour to safely heat the pulley. It might help loosen it a little, but you will need to arrange a method of driving the pulley on. Almost anything that you do (press, sledge hammer, etc.) has the potential to do damage, and a ruined crankshaft is a ruined engine! As I said, although others have mentioned it, this has never worked for me.

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OK, I will start looking out for the tools to go with my puller before I start on the key.
Thanks, Philip
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