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Default Lister A bearings

Gents, I've managed to find a pair of used main bearings for my Junior A rebuild. What should the crank to bearing clearance be?

thanks, Phil.
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'A' Lister
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No idea, and I couldn't see this specification in the book after having a quick 'man look' just now. To be honest, I usually just do a 'lift test' to see if the crank moves up and down in the bearings. If the movement I can feel is significant then I know the bearings have too much wear. If there is just a tiny bit of movement that I can barely feel then I think it's OK, as by the time it's got a film of oil round it there won't be much movement in 'real life'.

I can feel a little movement when I do a lift test on the crankshaft on my Lister A, but I find this reduces when the oil from the ring oilers coats the surfaces, and there is no knocking when its running. I have a spare crankshaft and bearings for when the time comes to change them, but in reality the original ones will probably outlast me, given that the engine only runs a handful of weekends (no more than 100 hours) per year! Hope this is useful.

Can anyone else add anything?
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The main bearings are very wide so you can accept more play than in a lot of other engines, you can feel play in both my A and B main bearings but as stated once there is oil around them you should have no worries.
Stephen :-)
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