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Default Tranco engine valves identification help


I have a few Tranco (make) engine valves which I can't identify. Peter had a Tranco valve catalogue in which to look them up, but that avenue is closed, does anyone else have one?

Tranco numbers on valve stems are:


487/2 EE4

1169 2 YY1

Thanks for any help with these, it would be a shame to chuck good unused valves out if someone could make use of them.

aere refrigeratum
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Default Engine valves ID.

New valves are always useful, even without their catalog ID. If stem and head diameters and overall length are known, It is simple enough to trim length, machine collet grooves, re-grind seat angles or even reduce head diameters to suit the job in hand. Guides can be reamed up a size to suit the stems. Have never used an original valve for a replacement yet. Could always find something that could be cut to fit. Great if you have the gear, but any machine shop can usually do a fit-up that will work fine. Regards,
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