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Default Flame licker.

Have added this to the stable from a lovely chap near Reading.

Need to take a long hard look at where my collection is going and see if there is anything which 'doesn't fit' that I can shift.


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Lovely runner Nick, well done.
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Beautiful. I was tempted too .....

aere refrigeratum
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Lister M
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Has a very satisfying clunk to it. Lovely lump.

Martin P
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Yep, as above, that is really nice!

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Lovely engine Nick
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Did flame licker engines have any real application or just for interest?
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Very nice,

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Very interesting to see, not 100% sure how it works, I believe the vacuum caused by the cooling effect of the inlet valve closing sucks the piston into the cylinder, if it is like others on YouTube. How is it governed ?

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You're right Mark, that's the principle. I think it's governed by "that's as fast as it can run"! I don't think (though stand to be corrected) that there was any practical application, but in the late 19th/early 20th C they were popular as German-made toys because the principle is very simple and requires few moving parts.

Nice acquisition Nick!

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